Secret Cargoes!

Deep in the forest past the lava river up the biggest tree where a plane once stood in silence. Now it’s gone on a trip it’s going past the lava river into the clouds.

Then the plane’s fuel tank was becoming dry! The plane went face first down! “Help” yelled the co-pilot Dingo as the plane got tangled in vines. ”How can we get down!” said the
Co-pilot as Porkchop got out of the plane got a big peace of meat and got back in the plane. Porkchop and Dingo ate it.

A pack of lost wolves came and looked at the vines then bit through the vines and caught the plane in slow motion. The
Wolves were breathless and the plane was heavy. Porkchop got hit on the head with a bottle of fuel so Porkchop put the fuel in the plane, everyone got in and they flew away.

Dingo was asleep and Porkchop was glad.
The End!

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