Angus’ party 6th piece in 2014

We poured into the room ready to eat. I am Angus my friends are Nick, Charlie, Jacinta, Ebony, Finn, Julian and Hamish. Yestday was Grand final day my party is at clip’n’climp.


We all sat at our seats cookies were on our plate. Then pizza came someone gave me their cookie. I got two pieces of pizza I ate the pizza and one cookie.


In came the cake it was a cheesecake I got a piece Charlie gave me his piece I ate one. Everyone wanted me to open the big present so I did. It was something warped in black plastic bag I opened that it was a big racing car set. There was one more present a little one I opened it. It was a Lego set and a t-shirt. I gave out the lolly bags then everyone went home.

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