A cold and windy night

One sunset Nick and I raced to Moonee ponds train station alone. When we arrived we went in the train doors were opening we got in the train was empty. We told the driver we wanted to stop at Flagstaff station. At Flagstaff station we got off we flew up the staircase bought ice-creams from a shop.


Then we went back to the station got on the waiting train the train started on the way to Ascot vale station the driver accidentally put the thing that connects to the power lines down he opened the doors then we stopped at Ascot vale station. Then to fix the problem nick and I walked home instead at home we got in bed and slept.

Angus’ party 6th piece in 2014

We poured into the room ready to eat. I am Angus my friends are Nick, Charlie, Jacinta, Ebony, Finn, Julian and Hamish. Yestday was Grand final day my party is at clip’n’climp.


We all sat at our seats cookies were on our plate. Then pizza came someone gave me their cookie. I got two pieces of pizza I ate the pizza and one cookie.


In came the cake it was a cheesecake I got a piece Charlie gave me his piece I ate one. Everyone wanted me to open the big present so I did. It was something warped in black plastic bag I opened that it was a big racing car set. There was one more present a little one I opened it. It was a Lego set and a t-shirt. I gave out the lolly bags then everyone went home.

Best animal 5th piece in 2014

The best animal is a lemur. Do you know anything about a lemur? The best animal uses tools. I know it does because I looked on the intent. The best animal is an omnivore. I know this because it was on the intent. Do you remember what’s gone by?


The best animal has no claws. This is because they don’t need to scratch you. I know this because it was on www.lemurworld.com!

ANGUS’ AUTOBIOGRAPHY 4th piece in 2014

I am Angus. I live with Sassy, Sonya, Stuart, Finn and Hamish.

I love Sassy my dog. I love Minecraft a videogame. I have lots of friends I sometimes forget their names. I am a boy. I love art. I love gemstones. How I started to like gemstones is I got a pack from Nana.

In future I think I will be a author.

All this is why I think I am a little bit good.

Should everyone have a pet? 3rd piece in 2014

I strongly agree that everyone should have a pet. You should Love pets.


Firstly: They are part of your family its fun to feed them because I feed my pet every day and I think its fun! Everyone should have a pet.


Secondly: If you are crying you can give them a big hug, kiss them and put your face in their fur it works for me Angus I stop crying. Everyone should have a pet.


Thirdly: Its fun to play with pets in the backyard because they get happy and you get happy, its exercise, its running and fun. I really very love to do it. Everyone should have a pet.


I love my pet you should love pet’s to this is why I agree. Everyone should have a pet.

Swimming 2nd piece-in 2014

“What do you mean 5 minute brake” I said! I was
exited ,waiting and waking twos my towel. “When is the 5 minutes over” I said?
“5 minutes to go” said the house captains. Then the 5 minutes was over. I got
my goggles ,took off my crocs and went to where I was told to go witch I was
told 2 times to go to 2 different places.  Finely I went to the right place I got in the
pool. The horn went I went I got the sixth tag then I went to mum she got some
money I went to the shop and got a meat pie.

Camping Holiday – 1st piece in 2014

I was excited.  I was putting on my clothes for camping. Then there was a knock at the door. So we all ran to the door! “There here” I said we opened the door! “Margaret” Margaret came in “hello Margaret” I said. We went in the kitchen and mum and Margaret started to make Apricot balls. When mum and Margaret finished the Apricot balls Julian arrived. So we got owl things and put them in the boot. I was with Julian and Ann. Finn was with chantel and Eric.

Then we set off. I and Julian were taking most of the way. We went a long way away from home and we were a long way away from the camp. As we got closer to the camp Eric forgot which camp to go to.

The camp was close. We went to one camp and then another one and then the first one we went in it was the right one.

We found amaele waiting for us. We put up the tents. I miss mum and dad. I put the yummy goodies that me and Finn brought on the table. Soon it was dinner time. We had sausages for dinner we loved owl dinner. That night when I went to bed I started to read the famous five.

I tried and tried but whatever I did the others kept looking at me.

In the morning …

When I work up had brekkie and got ready we all went out to play on the last day brekkie took ages at the end of the day I went home the starbhofer family had dinner at our house it was raps.